Sale Cemetery Interments

I have found three of Ellen Hayes / Smith’s sons are buried in the Sale Cemetery.

1 James Bernard Hayes

Buried under the name of James Smith. To date no allotment has been found.

James died aged 10 years and his death certificate states buried Sale Cemetery.
Sale Cemetery records were very poor back in the 1860’s, so no surprise that no record
can be found.

2 Thomas Smith Allot 38, Sect F, Plan 1, (no marker or headstone)
3 Harry Smith Allot 11, Sect M, Plan 7.

There is another grave of Smiths that carries a notation, “4 interments”; ie,  in the one grave starting in 1872. 

Allot  46,   Plan  3,    Sect    A.

They are:

George Smith Died, 1st January 1872
(I do not believe this to be Ellen’s son George)
Mary (or May) Smith Died, 1876 aged 7 weeks.
Smith (stillborn)Died, 25th July 1902.
Smith (stillborn) Died, 20th July 1905.

None of the four above would be Ellen Smith’s because Ellen gave birth to twin girls, Mary & Malinda in at Wonnangatta Station on the 27th February 1872 and Ellen died 6 days later on the 6th March 1872.

The twin girls died a few days later, Mary on the 11th March and Malinda on the 12th March.

Sale Cemetery Interments - Harry's Hut