Pastoral Runs in Wonnangatta

Official Pastoral Runs 1859 – 1885

 EAGLE VALE      870,000 acres
Pastoral Runs in WonnangattaLicense Holders

1859    Angus McMillan
1861     Kaye and Butchart
1863    James Butchart

1886 EAGLE VALE  was sub-divided into the following four separate runs and one vacant area.

WONNANGATTA   163,000 acres BEECHERS HILL  160,000 acres DARGO HIGH PLAINS  121,000 acres EAGLE VALE 103,680 acres
License holders License holders License holders License holders
1866 Aug 17th Walter Wilson Duke
Forfeited 18th June 1867
1866 Aug 17th Simon Fraser
Forfeited 18th June 1867
1866 Aug 17th Pierce Jones Williams 1866 Aug 17th James Butchart
1867 April 3rd John Ettershank
Forfeited 1869
1869 Mar 16th Hugh Nixon
Forfeited 20th May 1870
1869 Dec 17th Constantine Holme
Forfeited 9th Feb 1872
1869 May 18th William Gray Baillie 1869 Constantine Shiras Holme
1869 June 28th William Plummer MP
1870 April 29th William Henry Sweetapple
Harry Sweetapple
William Frederick Gibb
Forfeited 9th Feb 1872
1870 July 12th John William Pender Bryce
1872 April 5th George Gisbon Harper
Forfeited 8th Aug 1873
1872 April 5th Alfred Jones
1872 Oct 9th Alfred Jones & Walter Edwin Jones
1875 Let under grazing licences
1882 Aug 22nd Willington H Morgan
1913 Sydney Cuthbert Ede
(Holme’s nephew)

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