I know of the following books that have been written on the Wonnangatta Station and the murder of Jim Barclay and Harry Smith’s relationship with Wonnangatta and Jim Barclay.

If you would like your own published works added here please contact Graeme Shead.

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Cattlemen & Huts of the High Plains

by Harry Stephenson. First published 1980.

This book contains a couple of chapters on Wonnangatta and the murders.

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The History of Wonnangatta Station

by Wallace Malcolm Mortimer.First published 1981.

This book provides the reader with the overall history of the early days of the Wonnangatta Station through to the unsolved murders. To purchase this book, see below for Wally’s details.

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by (John J Ricketts). First published 1993.

This book contains a large section on Jim Barclay’s early life from his time as a lad in Hastings Victoria right up until he is appointed live in manager of the Wonnangatta Station to eventually Jim’s murder and the hunt for his killer/s. It also contains all the notes from both Barclay and Bamfords inquests.

Note: This book has been out of print for many years.

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An inquiry into the unsolved murders.

by Keith Leydon & Michael Ray. First published 2000.

This book provides the reader with brief of the early Wonnangatta days and Jim Barclays youth, then concentrates specifically on the murders and of the books still available for purchase it contains the most amount of detail, including sketches of where Barclay and Bamfords bodies were found.

The book was may still be available through stores or by contacting:
Keith Leydon, 20 Curia St, Mansfield, Vic, 3722.
Phone: 03 5775 2839.
Mobile: 0418 138 107

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by Wallace Malcolm Mortimer. First published 1995.

This book Wally writes is a sequel to his book “The History of the Wonnangatta Station” and is still available for purchase.

Copies can be obtained from Wally at the following contact details:
Unit 2/6 Doreen Court,
Wangaratta, Vic, 3677.
Phone 03 5722 2523

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WEATHERBEATEN WISDOM, Colourful Characters of The Victorian High Country

by Ian Stapleton.

This book has a chapter on Oliver Smith and a very sobering chapter on William Bryce and his reign of the Wonnangatta Station. The book is still available through many stores, or by contacting Ian at Feathertop Track, Harrietville, Vic, 3741.

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BILLY WYE, He Was Forgotten

The Last True Australian Bush Poet

by Dianne Carroll.

First published 1997. This book includes a chapter on Wonnangatta Station and Billy Wye’s report on someone he believed killed Jim Barclay. For anyone who likes bush poetry you should read this book, it’s a gem.

Although it is now out of print it can be purchased on a CD by contacting Dianne.

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  1. Hi Graeme !
    Do you know where I would like to buy these copies –
    BILLY WYE, He Was Forgotten – prefer a hard copy (Dianne Carroll doesn’t reply)
    WHO KILLED JIM BARCLAY. I am told there is a shop in Milawa but can’t find it.
    I have the first 5 books on your list.
    be grateful for any help !
    Regards, Frank.

  2. Who Killed Jim Barclay, the author Wally Mortimer now lives in Wangarratta.
    You can buy his book direct thru him at 2/6 Doreen Court Wangaratta, Vic, 3677 or thru the Dargo general store and probably thru book stores in Wangaratta. The Billy Wye book I believe has been out of print for some years. The author Dianne Carrol I think was going to put it out as an electronic book however I am not sure if she has done this. The last I heard of Dianne she shifted to NSW. I am currently away interstate and will not be back until early Oct, I might have her details at home but cannot check until I get back home. Let me know how you go

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